Tamkang University Dept. of Educational Technology

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About ET


Established in 1997, the Department of Educational Technology focuses on the integration of instructional development, media production with digital processing, corporate training, and human resources development.

The curriculum is consisted of two major areas: 1) educational theories (including instructional development, corporate training, and research methodologies), and 2) applications of current technologies (including digital and analog media productions).
In order to ensure teaching quality and to help students acquire hands-on experiences on multimedia production.

Facilities and Resources

The department has it's own web server, accompany with two computer laboratories, an audio lab, a multimedia lecture room, as well as sufficient hardware and software for digital image processing, animation production, and audio-visual editing.

Career Opportunities

Through the curriculum,students are prepared for careers as instructional designers, multimedia producers, and corporate training program designers.
Multiple entrances are provided for the recruitment of both undergraduate and graduate programs, to accommodate students with a variety of background, talent, and attitude. B.Ed and M. Ed degrees are available from the department.



The Department of Educational Technology aims to equip students with skills in analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of processes and resources for teaching and learning in a variety of educational contexts, such as schools and business.


The goal of the department is to integrate technology and learning theory to inform practices and generate discussions for schools and businesses. The relevant issues include e-Learning, instructional design, performance technology, diffusion and adoption, project management, and educational technology tool design which can accelerate the quality of learning and system efficiency of teaching.


Undergraduate Studies

1)Developing, producing, evaluating, managing, and defusing instructional materials.

2)Multi-media Productions.

3)Strategies and methodologies for business training.

Master's program

1)Developing and Cooperating instructional/training systems.

2)Evaluating, managing, and disseminating instructional media

3)Theories and practices of multi-media instruction/business training.